Midnight Depends on the Timezones

Midnight Depends On The Timezones (2012)

Video PAL (originally shot it super 8), color, sound, 12:18.


Online trailer



Midnight Depends On The Timezones is part of one year project in Kanaleneiland, in collaboration with Expodium. Kanaleneiland is a social neighborhood in Utrecht, designed according to Dutch ethics and aesthetics of social housing from the time it was built. Most part of its population is composed by migrants mostly from Turkish and Moroccan origin and their descendants, many of them already born in the Netherlands. Pedrosa’s research was focused on local women. She decided to attend aerobic classes only for women, where she had the chance of getting into a familiar space where there were no hierarchies and a personal approach was possible. Through the process, she started exchanging correspondence with a Portuguese friend that had come to Kanaleneiland four years before for three weeks to meet her Dutch boyfriend at the time, that she had met in her tango classes in Lisbon, before leaving to Buenos Aires. They never met again after that.

Kanaleneiland becomes the epicenter of all these stories, within a twilight zone where different times converge into one place.

The publication departs from the artist’s experience during her residency period, but she transforms it into a science fiction story, where herself and everyone involved in the process become characters of the story. She tells the story under the register of a report, written by a Shape-Shifter on a mission and creates the universe of the character: her strategies, devices and encounters.

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